A diagnosis is made using the Dragonic Table created by the Dragon Center. The examination will identify the need for any medical treatments or integrated therapies, any vitamin or mineral deficiencies, and allergies or sensitivities that would benefit from treatment. The consultation will also establish any personality or temperamental problems which are disrupting the balance of the animal. A specially prepared Vibrational Essence is given as part of this consultation.

Cleansing and Harmonizing for Business

The consultation is carried out through an evaluation of the plan of the property and involves the energetic cleansing of various types of negative or intrusive energies. It clears the past of the property and works attuning the business of the vision of the owners. The goal is to create a clean and harmonious environment where employees and managers can work together in the best possible way in an energetically healthy environment. This consultation can be done at a distance and it is as effective as in person:

The work includes:

This consultation can be done at a distance and it is as effective as in person:

  • Energetic cleansing of various types of negative and intrusive energies.
  • Identification of employees who are contributing or not for the prosperity and growth of the business.
  • Karmic cleansing of property and the former owner’s or poperty’s history (the energy of a former resident who went through a separation, death, or bankruptcy can affect the energy of the new owner).
  • Energetic suggestions which can improve the success of the business
  • Cleansing of the communication channels of businesses/shops with the customers and business partners.
  • Harmonization among the people who lived or worked at the place and vicinity.
  • Suggestion of crystals, plants or other objects which can improve the flow of good energy in the areas.
  • Protection of the property and advice on how to keep it protected.
  • General cleansing of the people who live or work in the place. For an in depthe service we will need the permission of the people involved.
  • We finalise with the Abundance Essence to attract prosperity for the place.

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